Avenue C Media

Dressing up your content

You're not going out looking like that!

We could go into a long spiel about how too many kids are graduating from high school without knowing how to read and write, but we’ll spare you. In an effort to bring some sense of calm to the chaotic world of verbs, adjectives, prepositional phrases, and all of their friends, Avenue C Media strives to create a world of nice, freshly pressed copy for you. We’ll proofread and edit your books, papers, websites, and more. Your words will find a safe and comfortable place to be massaged and pampered. When we're finished, your words will not only feel good, but they’ll also look good, thus, making YOU look good! For our friends in the UK, Australia, and Canada, we’re familiar with the Queen’s English.

Topic-research assistance, technical writing, and top-notch graphic-design and photography services are also available to you.


Grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and cross-reference checks.

Copy Editing

Format, style, text rewriting (as needed); plus proofreading services.

Topic Research

Research assistance with work and higher education projects.

Design and Photos

Custom graphic design and photography services.